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So what happened was, I was talking with Joe about the fact that Dive Into Python appeared on the front page of this morning, despite having been submitted at least three times already, including once just 43 days ago. (Dive Into Greasemonkey has experienced a similar pattern.) Which led to a brief discussion of collective memory, or the lack thereof. Which reminded me of the urban legend about goldfish, that they have 3-second memories or 30-second memories or whatever. From which I found a tantalizingly brief article on goldfish training. Which inspired me to do further research in the area of goldfish training. Which, as with all research on the internet, inevitably led to a fascinating Japanese Chinese Japanese video of trained goldfish which someone -- no doubt illegally -- posted on YouTube.

So not only can they be trained (goldfish, not Digg users), but according to a recent study, "goldfish memories can last as long as three months." Which puts them approximately 47 days ahead of the collective memory of Digg.