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Just a friendly reminder: the Feed Validator is located at Unfortunately, due to a bizarre confluence of circumstances beyond my control, an old version of the validator is up and running at the old location, but we are unable to update it to the latest version or redirect it to the new server (HTTP is running but ssh is not, and no, bouncing the box does not help). It is very important that you update your bookmarks, links, templates, scripts, and applications to point to the new domain. Important bugs have been fixed and deployed at that will never be deployed at the old location.

In other news, I got a new desktop PC today, for work. At 2.4 GHz, it is faster than our 8 other computers combined. It is sitting on my desk next to a Rev D iMac which, running OS X 10.2.6 at 400 MHz on 128 MB of RAM, can only be described as wheezing. Sadly, I will need to run Windows XP on the new PC, complete with Service Pack 1 and 25 critical updates to download out of the box (thanks Dell! glad I have an external firewall), and later the .NET framework and the complete suite of Visual Studio .NET tools. Yes, I'm learning how to be a .NET programmer. I'm even getting paid for it. The world is rich with irony.

In other other news, I have a new server, through Bytemark Hosting. I have set up a CVS repository for my book and soon for all my other projects as well, and will be setting up anonymous CVS access shortly. It will also host my book's companion website, and probably some or all of my other sites as well, plus my mother's website, if I ever finish it for her (sorry Mom). It is running Debian GNU/Linux, and I have root access on it. Today I celebrated my new-found non-paying full-time got-root-why-yes-thanks-for-asking job by patching a buffer overflow in ssh to protect my server from a rumored zero-day exploit.

Meanwhile, if you're in the market for some kickass non-root hosting, I strongly recommend Cornerhost, where I am currently hosted. It will take me many moons to replicate for myself all the niceties that I take for granted on Cornerhost, and I will never be as nice to myself as Michal has been to me. But non-root hosting is like dry humping; it's fine as far as it goes, but at some point you have to hunker down and get naked. It's probably best not to stretch this analogy too far.

In other other other news, I'm writing a book. Or rather, have written a book, or at least part of a book, Dive Into Python, the book I've been writing, or not writing, for years, the book I said I'd never work on again. Except that now, Apress is paying me to work on my book again, expand it, and hopefully finish it. And if all goes well, they're going to publish it on actual paper sometime next summer, by which I mean fall, by which I mean God willing before 2005.

My book will be edited by James Cox, and reviewed by we know not whom. My book -- including all new work, edits, and corrections -- will remain freely downloadable under the GNU Free Documentation License, but you should buy a copy anyway, because this is the way I want the world to work. My book is not yet available for pre-order, but believe me when I tell you that I will make it very clear when it becomes available.

My book. My book. I'm just going to go around muttering my book for a few weeks until somebody smacks me. Or until a hurricane knocks my house down, whichever comes first.