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Dive Into Python 4.4 is out. This is a major release, with an entirely new chapter on installing Python. This marks a turning point, when my book becomes our book, which is the first in a series of heartbreaking steps towards it becoming somebody else's book.

You see, my editor (who is a wonderful guy, and I do not fault him in the slightest for this decision) has insisted that we have a chapter on installing Python, because that's what people expect in a book called Dive Into Python: From novice to pro. Oh yeah, we're rebranding the book too. It's no longer a free book for experienced programmers. Well, it's still a free book, but we're downplaying that part. We're also downplaying the amount of experience you need to be able to dive into it. The preface -- which previously, and quite snottily, stated that this book assumed a lot about you and that if you were new to programming and wanted to learn Python, you should probably learn it somewhere else -- has been removed. We no longer assume a lot about you, apparently, beyond the ability to double-click and a willingness to blow $50 on a book you could download for free.

So anyway, the installation chapter is out of the way, barring feedback that I got everything wrong and ended up doing more harm than good and forgot somebody's favorite distribution and didn't cover Python for the AS/400 and suck. The next release will split up the longer chapters into 2, or sometimes 3, because my editor tells me that long chapters confuse some readers. Presumably (and this is just a wild guess) the same readers who need to be taught how to double-click an installer.

We will also be shuffling the order of chapters, which is probably a good thing in the long run. The book is going to be divided into three main parts: basics, web services, and advanced. Basics will be what used to be the first 3 chapters, which will actually be split into 5, plus the installation chapter. Web services will be the current XML processing chapter (split into 2), plus a bunch of new chapters I haven't written yet. The third part will be the current chapters on unit testing and functional programming, and a new chapter on refactoring and design patterns.

My book, my book, my book... Aaaaugh! My book!

Boy, that didn't take long at all.